Thursday, May 10, 2007

The ____ with/in/of the _____

When I was writing my paper I came up with (what I thought) was a pretty cool realization. I was writing about "The gentleman with the thistle-down hair" and trying to write down my idea of what kind of person he was. I ended up comparing him to the "The cat in the hat" with a little bit of Hitler mixed in. I have since found at least one other obscure person on the web who thought similar.

It took me a few seconds to figure out that there is probably no better description, haha.

- The gentleman appears somewhat oddly and randomly, as does the cat

- They both have annoying "The ____ with/in/of the ____" names!

- They both are completely incapable of understanding how someone else feels

- They are both superb users and abusers

- They both seem to try and convince others to open what is sort of a "Pandoras' box"

The Hitler part just makes up for the extreme degree of evil that the gentleman has over the the cat.

This also led me to think about why they are referred to as they are: irony. They don't see people as Ted or Jane or Mitch, or whoever they may be. They see only generic people with discernable traits, such as "the guy with the blue cap" or "the dog wearing suspenders." What better way to refer to them in text than to give them a name that goes along with their personal philosophy, haha. At least that is the conclusion I have made.


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